Letterbox Installation

New Zealand homes and the landscapes they sit on vary in so many ways, making it near impossible to have a ones size fits all approach to the installation of your new letterbox.  With this in mind our letterboxes have no standardized pre-drilled mounting holes or fixed mounting systems. 

We will consult with you and discus your installation requirements and ideas and make the necessary adjustments or additions to suit your particular requirements.

Depending on the style of letterbox you choose, your installation could be a simple as a couple of bolts through your fence.  Which could be the case with one of our fence mounted Slim Series boxes.  Or in the case of a freestanding pillar style install you may require a bit more preparation.  For example a timber or steel post may be required to be concreted in place as an anchour to bolts too, In this case another great option is a Ground Screw from stopdigging.co.nz .  In the case where you already have a concrete pad or plinth in place on your desired letterbox spot, we may just need to add some anchour tabs for Concrete Anchour Bolts (Dynabolts) 

If you are unsure how the best way to install one of our letterboxes, contact us and we will work through some ideas with you and help find the best or most suitable solution for your installation.   

Steel Post Anchour

Installation time: approx 1 hour

This is a pretty basic install,  which consists of a 1m length of 40mm Square RHS, 2 X 70x8mm Galvanized Bolts and associated nuts, 1 bag of Quikset ready mix concrete.

Decorative Screen Installation

The installation of our screens depends on how you want your end result to look.  Again with so many variables, we don’t have any pre-drilled holes or mounting fixtures as a permanent part of our master design files.  We will consult with you at the time of ordering and determine if any additional elements need to be added to assist with a smooth installation of your awesome new screens.

Ground Screws

Stopdigging NZ offer a fantastic solution for setting fast and efficient ground anchours and fixing points.  

With a wide variety of attachment systems Stopdigging’s ground screws could be used with our letterboxes and our decorative screens.

Contact stopdigging and see if there is an installer near you.