What is Corten steel?

Corten as it is commonly known, also known as weathering steel, is a mix of steel alloys which develops a rust like appearance when exposed to the weather over time.

COR-TEN® is a trademarked name owned by U.S. Steel, but over the years the name has been getting used more and more as the generic name when referring to A588, A242, A606 grades of steel. Its a bit easier to remember the name “Crorten” than a steel grading code.

Corten or weathering steel, due to its make up has a much stronger resistance to the elements.  By forming a coating of rust or oxidation over the metal, which slows deeper penetration. This coating of rust actually starts to protect the steel from deeper more damaging rust by slowing the process down.

How long does Corten last?

Corten will last for many years, decades outside, but there are many factors that determine how long Corten will last in your situation.

Factors like rainfall, proximity to the sea or coastal areas, fog, snow, will all have an effect on the lifespan or Corten in the elements.

Is Corten Guaranteed?

In short No, Due the varying situations and locations that it can be used in.

But in saying that Corten is the grade of steel used to make marine buoys, which spend many many years floating in the sea.


How do I look after Corten screens and fire pits/Braziers?

Just leave it out in the weather and it will look after itself.


Will I get Run off rusty marks from my screens?

Yes it is likely that run off from Corten can stain surrounding areas like concrete, paving stone, fences etc. especially in the early stages of the rust film developing.


Does Corten keep on rusting?

Yes Corten will continue to rust, though at a much slower rate once the initial rust barrier has developed. Where as normal mild steel will continue to rust with out any form of protection. 


Can I have just normal mild steel?

Yes you can have just normal mild steel, but it wont last as long in the weather.  If your planning on powder coat, paint or zinc coating then mild steel is a good option.  

As we don’t yet have the option for mild steel in the store, please contact us for special pricing.



How can I speed up the rusty look?

There are many ways to promote the rusty look on your new Corten product.

If it is summer time and your not getting much or any rain, you can just simply give it an even spray with water from the garden hose.

Another way is a mix of Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar and Salt.

500ml of Hydrogen peroxide, 60ml of White Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt. mix together and spray in a suitable spray bottle,

Working with any kind of chemical can be very dangerous. Always makes sure to wear protective clothing, cloves and goggles/protective eye wear.

Most other methods require the use of harsher and more dangerous chemicals.

Have a look through the gallery below to see the process in action. 


Can I powdercoat or paint my screens?

Yes you can.  Depending on the end look or application of our products, powdercoat, painting or zinc coating may be a better or more suitable option for your project. If you are considering a coating we can cut your steel product in mild steel, which will help to minimize the material cost against the added cost of the coating system you require.  If you are considering coating your product get in touch for pricing in mild steel. 


Can I get custom sizes and designs?

Yes we offer a full design service and would be more than happy to work through a custom design project with you, get in touch and let us know what your ideas are.

Got More Questions?

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